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What is an IP Address?

June 12th, 2009 reset Comments off

The short answer:  it is a series of numbers that uniquely identifies your device on the Internet.  It is like a phone number in that it represents a unique path to that particular object, whether it be a phone, computer or Internet device.  There are 2 distinct types of IP address:  Static (dedicated) and Dynamic. 

A Static IP address is assigned to a particular computer or device and that device has a permanent IP address. 

A Dynamic IP address are not permanent and can change.  Most Internet users connect to the Internet via dynamic IP addressing via their ISP (Internet service provider).  When a device (computer) connects to the Internet and is configured for dynamic (automatic) IP addressing, it requests an address from the Host Provider and the Host Provider determines a available IP address and temporarily assigns it to the device.  If that device is disconnected from the Internet for a while (typically more than 1 day), it will lose the IP address and the Host Provide will assign a new address next time the device connects.  Basically, the Host leases the address to that device.

The format of the IP address is a set of 4 numbers (0 to 255) separated with a dot ‘.’, for example:    

The IP-4 addressing system can handle a lot of devices, but the world is running out of IP addresses.  The new IPv-6 standard is currently being implemented and computers / devices are being designed to work with both systems as the world progress to this newer system with much more capacity. 

See the Wikipedia article on IP addresses

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The mission at

June 11th, 2009 reset 1 comment was developed from the need to find out a device’s global and local IP addresses.  Any device with Internet access can visit where the IP addresses will be displayed (java is required to display local IP address).  Most computers on the Internet are connected to a firewall (NAT) router and it is important to know both the global and local IP addresses. 

What is My IP address?  With this is an easy question to answer.   Make a favorite in your browser, or better yet commit it to memory. also wants to provide additional value in visiting this site with rich content articles, links to useful technology and more.  We will strive to provide a balance of content for new techies to veteran tech savvy people.  We have been in the computer business a long time and there is always so much to learn independent of your skill level.  I learn more now than when I just started.  The obvious reason for this is the Internet and expansion of technology.  With access to so much online information (knowledge), once you know how to teach yourself things, the possibilities are limitless. 

Like most everything, there is a dichotomy to our present technological state.  The pace of technology is fast which forces people to keep learning and adapting as systems improve and evolve. 

If you don’t know something and you want to learn it.  Search on it….read about it…..ask someone if you still need help.  And better yet, Teach someone something new.  Learning is fun, but you will find teaching is very rewarding.

We hope you learn from this site, and use it to check IPs when ever you have the need.