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What’s behind

June 15th, 2009 reset Comments off

Thanks for your interest in  This website is hosted at LunarPages on a linux server. uses WordPress ver 2.8 as site framework.  WordPress is an open-source blog and publishing platform.  We have customized the iNove theme to meet our needs here at

Obviously, we modified the theme to display the Global & Local IP addresses box on every page.  The IP address box utilizes PHP (a server side web programming language) to display the Global IP address.  The Local IP address uses a java application to determine your local IP address. 

The WordPress install was setup in a sub-directory not in the root directory.  We researched this quite a bit as we wanted to make the correct decision for this site before installation.  If you search google on ‘wordpress install root or folder’, you will find numerous articles discussing this critical decision.  We knew that this site would only contain the blog and no other content.  This might lead one to think that a root installation was a good choice.  We wanted to install in a sub-directory and have it appear that we installed in the root.  

Thanks to this great article at WordPress:  Giving WordPress Its Own Directory at WordPress Codex.  We installed WordPress in a ‘blog’ folder and followed the instructions…and it worked perfect.  The root directory is not cluttered with files.  This is how WordPress should be installed if you want it to operate as if it was installed in the web root.

So, we tip our hat to and all the posts we read that contributed to the development of  Enjoy! Also, Lunarpages offers some great hosting packages.