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Adding A Flash Header to WordPress Atahualpa Theme

August 5th, 2009 reset 8 comments

This article has been updated for Atahualpa Theme 3.4.1, see Adding Flash Header to WordPress Atahualpa Theme (ver 3.4.1).

wordpress2If you are a WordPress user and use the ‘Atahualpa’ theme and want a Flash header, this post may help. First for non-WordPress users, WordPress is a Blog publishing system that is very popular ( The ‘Atahualpa’ theme is the most downloaded WordPress theme and is an excellent theme. However it is not the theme behind this site (, which uses another very popular theme ‘inove’. To see a reference of the ‘Atahualpa’ theme with a flash header, see

To use a Flash header with ‘Atahualpa’ theme, it will require modification of the theme’s .php code files, so a little web experience is helpful. I recomend to have a test blog setup (on your web server) with ‘Atahualpa’ theme so you can test the modifications before updating the Live Blog.

The ‘Atahualpa’ theme is really well done (great job Bytes For All!!). It provides a lot of options and was programmed well enough for me to make this change (hack) farily easily.  This example uses Version 3.2 of Atahualpa Theme.

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