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*If you are behind a firewall (NAT) your global and local IP addresses will differ. Learn More


1.  What is an IP Address?

An IP Address is similar to a house address or a phone number. The IP address uniquely identifies the computer (or device) connected to the network with a set of numbers like: Here is the wikipedia definition link of an IP Address.

2.  What is Global and Local, and why do I have 2 address?

The internet uses Global and Local IP addresses for a couple main reasons: Networking & Security. For networks that share an internet connection thru a router for example, can share a common Global IP address, but each PC on the network has a unique Local IP Address to identify it within the network. This also provided an added layer of protection since the PC on the network cannot be directly access via the Global IP Address.

3.  What if my Global and Local IP addresses are the same?

This means that your PC (or deivce) is connected ‘directly’ to the internet and you are not going through a local network router. Make sure you have proper security software in place if this is the case.

4.  Why do I need to know my IP Address?

An IP address provides the address to your device and can be necessary information when communicating with the device, calling other PCs or devices, participating in ‘net-meetings’ or VNC, etc.

5.  Who should I tell about

Tell as many people as you want. It is a Free and Easy way to find your Global and Local IP Address. You can even copy to clipboard and IM or email.

6.  What if I have a question?

Please ask your question(s) on our Contact page. We will do our best to reply. Thanks and I hope is your choice when you need to know your IP address.

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